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Yes its true you can build yourself a website all for free and you can probably do it better than I did mine, though you will need a domain name and hosting service, I like Fastcomet because of their help and support team and how they fixed my mistakes, they got right on and pleasant to work with especially working with me I dumb and dumber.

The best deal on there hosting service will be the shared hosting which is BasicCloud, PlusCloud, and ExtraCloud, I use the ExtraCloud because I have a lot more files for uploads to giveaway but you can always start small and then upgrade later and I’m sure they be happy to help you, oh and you get a free domain name as long as you stay with there hosting. In the past I have used other hosting services like godaddy, midphase, inmotion, and hostgator, I was unhappy with them all, I would pay some hidden cost of some kind, if I needed some kind of support it was unavailable or it would be another charge.

Then I found fastcomet recommended by glfusion which this site runs on and so I also recommend fastcomet for your hosting, I been really happy with them. And so now to start on your website you have all the free info needed to get started, glfusion has everything you need to build your website and more, you can download additional plugins, or heck you can even build a store! They have a demo site you can check out, they have a support forum if you need help with anything, or just ask here and we can help, or signup is also free here! So there you have it, everything needed to start your website for free except the hosting which I think is a good deal.


Fastcomet Hosting


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Integrated Best of Class Plugins

  glFusion comes with the best plugins pre-installed:

 Captcha - only accept human generated content!
Forum - enable online discussion & collaboration!
File Mgmt - manage downloads availabe to visitors!
Media Gallery - full-featured media management!

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