Murder Is Okay

You Can Legally Kill

Killing babies Is Legal! Women and doctors do it everyday and are not charged for murder, but it is the fifth commandment of God thou shalt not kill, somehow these baby killers will get charge by the wrath of God creator of all things from above, if these baby killers don't repent and change before they die, God will cast them into HELL for all eternity, that is a fact that will happen, how stupid can people get in wanting to spend eternity HELL? If I have a car accident and someone dies they would probably try to charge me with murder even if it's just an accident.

So, You're Pregnant...


Today 9/1/2023 or should it be a #911 call? I now continue to finish this very important story I started for babies in need of help all over the world, in fact it's not a story, it should be a duty of every living person in the would with morals to stop whats going on in this baby killing today! I myself am guilty of doing nothing to help, when I found that picture above I now can't erase it from my mind. So many babies being slaughtered everyday like animals. My hope in writing this baby killing story is that maybe just one baby may live. 

Modern Child Sacrifice


So who is responsible to help these helpless babies? My guess would be the people who follow the traditional Catholic Church teachings of Jesus, if we had a true faithful Pope it should be his responsibility doing the job Jesus establish in his Holy Church, most of the Catholics I know never even talk about this subject, they are to busy making their lives better for the comfort of themselves, oh I need this big house, oh yes I need this new car, or I need this vacation? or, oh yep I need some more toys, what about them babies being killed?

Are You Pro-Human Rights


Killing babies has been going on way back in the old Testament, It was so bad God decided to start over in the time of Noah, any faithful person could have entered the Ark, but there was only seven worthy of God, but God promised Noah he would not destroy the world again until the end of time, is today the end of time? God is sending us signs but it seems that most people don't care or just brain dead, because we don't know what our end hour is, its always the end, Heaven or hell.

The Procedure...


I found some videos of some very faithful people who are trying to help stop this baby killing, they are protestants, they are people born into a teaching different from the traditional Church, they seem to me they are working so hard on trying to stop this baby killing, are Catholics doing there responsibility? I find very little online on Catholics speaking out on baby killing, I would think if I did a search on Catholic help on stop baby killing I would find more information on help from Catholics, but I find very little in there actions on stop baby killing.

Oh yes there are many prayers for these babies, but to really stop killing these babies in what is going on today I see very little help from Catholics, oh we have so much companion on the homeless which is great! but it seems to me every homeless person can find help in today's time if they really wanted to do so, they can go to a church to ask help, they can pray for help, the helpless babies has very little or no help and depends on our help.

Videos From YouTube @ Choice42 Laura Klassen


by Iddigger

Just Sharing the truth on Almighty God! There is only one Holy truth!
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My guess is the world is going to pay for these crimes.
God is watching these baby killers! He has much anger for whats going on.
God makes man then man destroys God.
Oh my! Man can't destroy God!