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Guest Opportunities

For Our Guest we gives you the ability to quickly and easily setup a web site complete with extras like forums, CAPTCHA support, calendaring, and full file and media gallery management solutions.  Check out the A Quick Start for more information. Features of your new website included:

  • Integrated Menu Builder - Allowing you to change the site menu using an online editor.
  • Direct integration of the CKeditor WYSIWYG editor with your theme's styles.  See exactly how your story will look as you type it.
  • Pre-installed plugins, bringing additional functionality and enhanced security:
    • Bad Behavior2 - A great tool that blocks bot attacks, spam bots, and other threats from the Internet.
    • CAPTCHA - Ensures that humans are the only ones entering content on your site.
    • Forum - A community collaboration and discussion tool.
    • FileMgmt - A complete File Manager for your site.
    • Media Gallery - A complete multi-media manager.
  • We gives you access to a true XHTML compliant site with a pure CSS driven layout.  The design is SEO optimized (search engine friendly) and is also more accessible by screen readers and other assistance tools used by the visually impaired.
  • Better documentation - we offer our visitors full free access to a guide you with everything you need for free - Check out here https://www.membersresell.com/page.php/slide_integratedplugins.

Welcome to a new opportunity, we hope you enjoy using everything as much as we do with all that comes with the package!

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