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Warnings Of The World

World Destructions

What’s The Warnings Of The World?


I think about all the warnings we been giving and all the mercies given to us including myself, I was terrible, probably the worst of anyone but God definitely had a lot of mercy on me, I should have been gone when I was a kid! But because of my faithful parents and in their teaching us, gone now and bless their souls I was raised in the traditional Catholic church teaching, though I didn’t follow them most of my life, I never stopped believing in the true Church.


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Murder Is Okay

You Can Legally Kill

Killing babies Is Legal! Women and doctors do it everyday and are not charged for murder, but it is the fifth commandment of God thou shalt not kill, somehow these baby killers will get charge by the wrath of God creator of all things from above, if these baby killers don't repent and change before they die, God will cast them into HELL for all eternity, that is a fact that will happen, how stupid can people get in wanting to spend eternity HELL? If I have a car accident and someone dies they would probably try to charge me with murder even if it's just an accident.

So, You're Pregnant...


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Quote Of The Day

Quotes Of The Bible

Quote of the Day


Traditional Catholic Info quotes of the word of God most high are all facts from the beginning of Gods creation to the end, God always was and always will be, after a soul is created there is no end for a soul, it is man that threw away God and decides he wants to go to hell, Lucifer wanted to be like God so he sent him to HELL, man decided he want to be like Lucifer, what did JESUS say? many are called and few are chosen, so sad people decide to burn for eternity for a few moments of pleasure on earth. One God! Only One TRUTH! for all souls.

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Our Lady Of La Salette

When Will People Wakeup?

A Message From The Mother Of God Most High!

Our Lady Of La Salette


Well, my children, you will pass this on to all of my people”

Now who are the people of the mother of God? I will tell you! they are them who follow the Church which Jesus Christ established, why? Well way back in the beginning when St. Peter was here! oh yes, remember what Jesus said? Of course not! You were not here, but it is in the Holy Bible which everything Jesus did say for us, upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail, oh sorry, I should correct myself, it’s in the traditional Church Bible DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSION, or you could search the king james bible which was rewritten by man who left out seven of the books? Oh and why was it rewritten? My only guess is lucifer, who was sent into hell who is now released with his other demon’s to take many souls with them to hell now.


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Are you saved?

The Saints Didn't Even Know

Does Any One Really Know Their Hour?

I know so many people that say their saved? Do you really know if you are?  Are you really sure?  The Saints didn't even know if they were going to heaven, now what if you happen to be wrong? It's only a one way ticket to heaven or hell for eternity. Remember what Jesus said? wide is the gate and narrow is the entry, many are called and few are chosen, The only sure way is to follow the true church of Jesus!

Watch the video be really sure!


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