Our Lady Of La Salette

When Will People Wakeup?

A Message From The Mother Of God Most High!

Our Lady Of La Salette


Well, my children, you will pass this on to all of my people”

Now who are the people of the mother of God? I will tell you! they are them who follow the Church which Jesus Christ established, why? Well way back in the beginning when St. Peter was here! oh yes, remember what Jesus said? Of course not! You were not here, but it is in the Holy Bible which everything Jesus did say for us, upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail, oh sorry, I should correct myself, it’s in the traditional Church Bible DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSION, or you could search the king james bible which was rewritten by man who left out seven of the books? Oh and why was it rewritten? My only guess is lucifer, who was sent into hell who is now released with his other demon’s to take many souls with them to hell now.


Now why is all this going on today? My only thoughts are time is ending? But how is that possible? Time has no end, why? well once a soul is created there is no end, it is a true fact there is no end for anyone, we either go to heaven or hell, well I should correct myself, millions go to limbo, limbo is the place millions of baby's go everyday because of there mothers have their babies KILLED, limbo is the place where millions of soul stay forever and can never get to heaven because of their mothers having them killed, why can’t they get to Heaven? Because there not baptized, you must be baptized to get to Heaven, Jesus said about it in the Bible. Also there is no entry in heaven with mortal sins. NEVER!


Okay enough of my mumbo jumbo, so why do I write this story? Okay, I correct myself, this message? I write it for you my visitors and those whom I pray for, and what is my reason? To help bring just one soul to Jesus, well I hope more!, I myself should not be here today, I’m probably the worst sinner of all creatures, in fact I know I am, but for some reason God’s all Merciful and mighty heart kept me here till now. I just found a new and power message a few days ago, I've known about this message from years of my research, but this one is very new, not the message but the people who continue to spread the message, its a fairly new video I found and each time I see it it I have tears, I must say I’m not a person to have tears, but I do each time I see this video, I have tears for everyone.



of the


on the Mountain of



19th of September, 1846.

Published by

the Shepherdess of La Salette


Imprimatur by Mgr. Bishop of Lecce.


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