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What’s The Warnings Of The World?


I think about all the warnings we been giving and all the mercies given to us including myself, I was terrible, probably the worst of anyone but God definitely had a lot of mercy on me, I should have been gone when I was a kid! But because of my faithful parents and in their teaching us, gone now and bless their souls I was raised in the traditional Catholic church teaching, though I didn’t follow them most of my life, I never stopped believing in the true Church.


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About Traditional Catholic Info.

Do we see what’s going on in the world today? This site is not about me, it’s about where people are going, it’s about eternity and where people want to spend it. It’s about the only one Truth and what Jesus has taught the whole world,  oh so many have all the answers but are so lost.

Think about it, do you really think Jesus who died for all souls is really going to have so many teachings for so many different people? Well how would that be possible? One God for some and a different one for everyone else? It is a fact there is only one God so there can be only one truth! And one teaching!

He was crucified by the Jews his chosen people and Jesus revealed to the world his only one truth! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, all the thousands of different churches, they all have different teachings, they all say you just need to except Jesus in your heart and your saved, Really?

Just something to think about now? If all we needed to be saved was to except Jesus in are hearts? There would be no reason for Jesus to build his one Holy Church! Its all written in the One Holy Bible! now if you read the man rewritten bible king james you will learn false teachings, man changed the truth to benefit himself.

So now the fact is where do we really want to go, do we know our last hour? It is a fact we only have two choices, Heaven or Hell, many believe different but the fact or truth cannot change, because of all the years of mistakes I made, I hope to be the last one to Heaven! Jesus said, many are called and few are chosen, look at the world today? I would think many or probably most souls are lost today.

Lost For All Eternity Because Of Pride!

This site will benefit me nothing, but if just one soul is saved it will be all worth it. More to come about Jesus and his Holy Teachings! I’ll be adding free downloads on truth and facts as time goes on.


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