Are you saved?

The Saints Didn't Even Know

Does Any One Really Know Their Hour?

I know so many people that say their saved? Do you really know if you are?  Are you really sure?  The Saints didn't even know if they were going to heaven, now what if you happen to be wrong? It's only a one way ticket to heaven or hell for eternity. Remember what Jesus said? wide is the gate and narrow is the entry, many are called and few are chosen, The only sure way is to follow the true church of Jesus!

Watch the video be really sure!


I myself have to watch this video now and then to keep my memory refreshed.

by Iddigger

Just Sharing the truth on Almighty God! There is only one Holy truth!
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I hope I'm saved.
The only truth we will know if we are saved is when we die, there is no turning back, so be sure to follow true teachings!